I have an MSc (with distinction) in acupuncture from The Confucius Institute at London South Bank University.  I am registed with the  British Acupuncture Council who are the UK’s main regulatory body for acupuncturists. I work at Highgate Holistic Clinic and the North London  Buddhist Centre. For 5 years I worked at St Joseph's Hospice in Hackney, where I supported outpatients with neurological problems as part of a multidisciplinary team. I also teach research modules at The International College of Oriental Medicine. I love both aspects of my work and the teaching enriches my practice.

My arrival in the world of Chinese medicine came about gradually. I have 30 years experience in healthcare. I had worked as a nurse in surgery and palliative care for nearly 20 years, which gave me a good biomedical understanding of our bodies and a real-life insight in to how illness can affect us in so many ways. While nursing I also studied aromatherapy which proved both popular and effective .

I later studied a BA in Social Anthropology and Hindi, which led me to live and work for a time in India. I also learned Reiki there. This introduced me to other ways that we can understand how our minds and bodies function in the world around us and this led me to Chinese medicine.

I was especially attracted because Chinese medicine allows us to consider the mind, body, spirit and environment holistically, in an unbounded way which allows different approaches to helping people. It made sense to me. In 2014, I travelled to Harbin in China on a scholarship programme. I observed in a Traditional Chinese Medicine teaching hospital how TCM is practiced in its home environment.

For my MSc, I researched Western and Chinese understandings of depression. The path of learning never stops and I am passionate about Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Applying its principles to my own life has greatly enhanced my own health and I can even say that acupuncture has changed my life.

I practice mindfulness meditation and Qi Gong, which supports my practice. The qi gong, I believe, increases my sensitivity in my hands which I use to perceive changes in the body as well as through needling.


I was amazed to get such dramatic results after my first treatment with Lynne. My symptoms disappeared and I feel much more balanced and my energy level increased. I am so happy with her calm and very professional approach and would recommend her to anyone –she really does know what she is doing. I am so lucky and grateful to have found her, after a few regular sessions with Lynne's help and support my wellbeing drastically improved.

About me

'"I first approached Lynne because I was suffering from a flare up of cystic acne which was really getting me down. Having suffered on and off since my teens, I am 35 now, I have tried many treatments. I remembered that acupuncture had helped a little previously and found Lynne's details online. Within a month of weekly treatments my skin was much better and less angry. Plus I was feeling a lot calmer and more positive, I felt much more able to cope with the situation. Over the months this improvement continued and I started to visit less and now I feel that it is a useful tool to help keep my skin in check with occasional top up visits when needed. Lynne really listened and adapted the treatment depending how I was each session, really reflecting on previous treatments and my responses. I looked forward to my sessions as I knew they were helping and I loved talking to Lynne about the treatment and how she was approaching it. My skin is far from perfect but it definitely was a huge help in getting my skin under control and manageable. I am so glad I visited her!"